Analytical Standards

On special request we can provide the compounds in highest purity, suitable for the usage as primary analytical standards (reference compounds). This quality is obtained in our labs by optimized preparative HPLC-MS separation followed by multiple crystallization steps. Purities more than 99.8% are our default. The compound can be obtained from your raw material or from our material, and finally we perform the purification and crystallization.

A Certificate of Analysis is given with the Analytical Standard by default, containing:

  • HPLC-MS / H-NMR analytics (results, chromatograms, spectra)
  • C13-NMR on request
  • Q-NMR on request
  • Melting point
  • Water content
  • Production date, analysis date
  • Appearance
  • Storage recommendation

More analytical methods can be provided on request.

All extra analytics and a certificate can also be requested for every of our products, as well as for external samples.

Highest Quality and Competitive Price-Performance Ratio!

  • We supply high-quality compounds and services at world-wide competitive prices.
  • Our quality is based on competence and experience obtained from many years being in industrial pharmaceutical and agrochemical research.
  • All our compounds are provided with HPLC-MS / H-NMR analytics as standard feature.
  • Confidentiality on all projects is taken for granted.